Wednesday, February 9


people say writing blog helps u relieve your stress.helps u feel better when u pour out all the crazy things trapped in your mind.blogs also help you build relationships with people around,virtually and also in reality.(and sometimes worsen the relationship).the first things i think when i started to write a post is that i wanna learn a few foreign languages, i'm hoping to get more friends, and also to improve my writing.
i am always impressed when i read blogs written by my friends, as i don't have the guts to spill out anything personal to strangers, apart of my dear friends. i want my friends to read my blog, yet at the same time i don't want them to read it. i'm lack of confident.sigh.
to all my active blogger friends, keep on posting as i always enjoy all your writings, as i can't write anything good by myself. that's what i am--too guarded.
pardon my grammatical errors, have a good day.[i'll never be hanis zalikha.kan?]

p/s:been thinking countless times, should i post this?


  1. we're in the same boat!i started to blog again for the sake of letting out every single thing that bothers me.but i ended up blogging only when smthng good happened.i cant really tell ppl my private things, nor criticizing others or's just not me.hehe

  2. blog walking .. please support my blog & follow me back and promote to blogger gengs always k .. nice to see your blog .. hi blogger , jemputlah ke blog saye .. heee


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